A startup owner came to me with a request of designing a fitness app. People have realized how essential it is to stay fit and exercise. Hence they are using fitness apps to work out at home. There are tons of fitness apps available, all these apps provide a catalogue of courses to select from. Once you select a course and pay for it you work out for a couple of days and then you become weary of it. That’s what happens with the vast majority of people. We decided to help people build a habit of working out by…

I am really passionate about cars and I have studied Automobile engineer too, I understand how cars work and love to drive them. To help people find great deals I started this online product for my city Mumbai, I help buyers to connect with sellers and provide guidance to close the deal at this best price for both parties. I was successful enough to connect a few people and guide them through the whole deal.


  1. To help connect buyers and sellers through the website.
  2. To help people buy/sell their cars
  3. To know the exact condition of the car
  4. To provide…

Have you been designing websites, apps and dashboards from scratch? Making buttons, form fields, drop-downs, cards, defining shadows, and other UI components every time you start designing a website or an app? Well not anymore, I am going to tell you a trick using it, you will be able to design faster and it gets faster as you practise.

So, the trick is using Design Systems along with Sketch Runner. I’ll show you how at the end. let me tell you what these are first.

What is a Design System?

Have you ever played with a set of Lego? A basic lego set has bricks…

The world is changing and so is the way we learn at school. People prefer to learn from home now. Instead of going to school, the school has now come home. I got an opportunity to design Ontario’s best online school — Learning Beam Academy. My client got in touch with me to design UI/UX for his school and here is how it went.

The Task

To build an online school management portal where parents can enroll their students in several academic courses. …

I got an opportunity to work with a client in London 🇬🇧 and design his product. I got super excited because I was going to build the whole product from scratch. It’s always beneficial to start with good UI/UX because in the long run it just becomes better in the agile sprints. Before jumping into this case study I would like to highlight why it is important to make changes to the way we pay online.

Why is it necessary to change?

According to 2018 statistics, £4.1 billion was stolen as a result of credit card fraud in the UK last year. 1 out of 5…

Driving a car is fun and going on road trips is amazing, but when it comes to paying EMIs and maintenance bills it feels like a burden. So, here is a solution — Zoomcar.

Zoomcar is a self-drive car rental company that provides car on-demand and operates in 27 different cities in India. Founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Bengaluru, Zoomcar is now booming with a 31% increase in revenue.
Reading this news, I was eager to dive deep into the UI/UX of the app study the services that Zoomcar provides.

My Goals

  1. Use UX Research methods to understand problems that…

Akshay S

A Product Designer who’s turning ideas into beautiful apps and websites. Follow articles on UX and for freebies — https://dribbble.com/akshaysalekar

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